New Local Gold, New Scenes, New Year

Posted on Jan 25, 2010

Now that we’re into 2010, I want to remind all of you that we have great musicians, singers and bands in the San Francisco Bay Area that we should all be supporting in these tough times. Even though the old saying is that the cream always rises to the top, sometimes people don’t get the props that they deserve and get sadly overlooked. So do go out, check out the local greats as well as the new local gold – don’t take the local scene for granted. Crowds came out to support events such as the recent Voices Of Latin Rock extravaganzas that showcased the finest in Latin Rock and Latin Jazz and Seaon Stylist Bristol’s ambitious latin Broadway style tribute to Michael Jackson “Rock With You” featuring Rebeca Mauleon’s powerhouse of a band. The new local gold features emerging faces that are making noise these days: Montuno Swing, the Latin Rhythm Boys, Lina G. Torio’s Mestiza, Carne Cruda and their new project with Brazilian firecracker Dandara, Santero (blowing up all over!), Saboriche, Bang Data and many others that I will bring to your attention during this year. So remember to keep your mind and ears open…porque lo que viene es bueno!