I’m baaaaacccckk!

Posted on May 10, 2010

I know it’s been a while since I have talked to all of you. I spent some quality time with my family..recharged my batteries. What a Mothers Day weekend! Caught Manolito Y Su Trabuco at Cocomo. Although it took them a while to resolve their equipment issues, they rocked the crowd with a powerful show…la gente con las manos arriba..smiles abound..great music mostly on the timba side. The crowd on the light side appreciated every minute. Jumped over to the massive Luis Enrique salsa dance/concert at the Hilton on time to catch the tail end of the spectacle. Luis Enrique sounding good to an adoring packed crowd…the show started at 6 pm with 9 scheduled deejays, 3 local acts including crowd favorites Avance and the emerging Montuno Swing..and Proyecto A from the old Adolecentes from Venezuela. Yes, I missed all of that but caught “el principe de la salsa” en su gloria in jeans and t-shirt….ah..those stars can get away with it when they go platinum!