Aragon – Le Champagne de Las Charangas

Posted on Aug 30, 2010

The great Orquesta Aragon presented a phenomenal dance concert at Zellerbach Auditiorium on Friday, August 13th. This legendary charanga led by Rafael Lay Jr, the son of the late band leader and violinist, demonstrated that they are one of the finest dance orchestras in the world. Aragon boasted 5 violins (including Lay), flute, piano, bass, timbales, bongo, congas and two dynamic singers drew from their extensive repertoire and played dance music that was sublime, swinging and irresistible. The front area of Zellerbach was turned into a dance floor once the dancers took over and was packed all night. The only draw back to the evening was the light attendance of approximately 700 people that showed up for 2 hours of dance heaven. The band was celebrating their 70th anniversary with the oldest member going back to 1955. However, age didn’t slow up this band as some of the oldest grey haired members danced up a storm showing off their moves in front of an adoring crowd. Kudos to Shabi Samoohi, Patricia Morgovsky and Sue Taylor for putting together this treat for the eyes and ears.