Tempo Latino Part 1

Posted on Aug 1, 2010

My time visiting Europe came and disappeared in a flash! But what a flash it was experiencing the Tempo Latino Festival in the picturesque small French town of Vic-Fezensac. This festival now in its 17th year was full of rumba, soul and most of all…Salsa! The biggest outdoor Salsa festival in all of Europe featured 4 days of music that satisfied the most die-hard fans of Salsa and Latin music. The big outdoor concerts at the Plaza De Toros (bullfight arena) featured 2 prominent acts per night starting at 9:30 pm and going until 1 am. The “La Conga” nightspot was free to the public and featured a band and a dj starting around 12:30 am until closing time at 4:30 am. It was a large space that featured a stage, huge dance floor and a meadow with a sandy floor that could fit 4,000 folks. The festival also had smaller stages with free music that were outside of the Plaza De Toros. A large crafts fair leading from the entrance of the festival to the town featured everything from hats, jewelry to percussion instruments. Vic-Fezensac was alive with music, dancing and rumba! Most cafes and restaurants had their own dj’s, small groups and dance instructors…what a scene! The colorful decorations in the festival area were made by the large crew of volunteers who help make Tempo Latino a unique festival.