KPFA needs your support!

Posted on Oct 8, 2010

Lot’s of things have been happening that have taken my time away from my blog. I have been working hard the past month with the KPFA fund drive. It is no secret that this 61 year old listener sponsored radio station is in financial trouble going thru job cuts, reducing budgets, shrinking resources and enduring a heated local station board election and on-going internal political struggles. In addition to my duties and obligations as Music Director, I have been extremely busy producing fund drive programs, assisting my fellow on-air hosts in pitching for much needed money and securing premiums for this current drive. It has been a struggle this time which is reflective of our sagging economic situation and it appears that the station is going to fall short of its goal this time. You can contribute to KPFA by going to the web site at If you listen to my program “Con Sabor”, please consider supporting the cause, visiting the web site and becoming a member.