Back To Business

Posted on Jan 18, 2011

Don Omar, Cali Aleman, Victor Manuelle, Elvis Crespo and India are all going to pay San Francisco a visit during the next few months. This should be a bonanza for all the fans who love these stars of Reggaeton, Merengue and Salsa. With the exception of Fania All Star/Guayacan veteran Cali Aleman, all of these artists are part of the musical vocabulary of younger generations who listen to these respective genres…some of whom are livin’ large with their disposable incomes, iphones, twitter accounts and facebook posts. A large majority of folks do not buy full length recordings but rather download single songs. It will be interesting to see how are the music industry especially independent artists will survive. This is why we have to continue to support our favorite artists by buying their cds or downloading their music. Also checking them out when ever they perform live will also assure their survival in this tough global economy. And just maybe…some of the seasoned vets that we know and love will have a platform to visit us once in a while.