Salsa 2011 Style anyone?

Posted on Feb 15, 2011

Sonido Criminal is a new band from New York determined to keep their roots grounded to the bad boy salsa dura of the 70’s while forging new ground in 2011. Their debut cd “Crime Payz” is an homage in image and style to the classic Willie Colon early greatest hits compilation of the 60’s and early 70’s “Crime Pays”. Vocalist Carlos Mojica leads this pack of young lions who play ferocious gutsy salsa as if their life depended on it but they don’t limit themselves just to slam it on every track. They do their salsa in English spin on the Wham! 80’s chestnut “Careless Whisper” as Mojica interprets the sweetness of the George Michael vocal with a raw swinging edge. Don’t worry there is plenty of powerful bite on the cd as displayed on the track “Rumba En El Cielo” that gives due to the ancestors of this music such as Lavoe and Maelo. Sonido Criminal has started 2011 with a big bang for all the aficionados and dancers of this music.