Old Salseros Don’t Die

Posted on Mar 5, 2011

On the advice of a colleague in the business, I visited the web site of veteran salsero/artist Henry Fiol. Henry who gained prominence in the 70’s as part of Saoco and later with his series of highly regarded albums on the SAR label, has made available two of his recent recordings on his web site. His newest effort “Salsa Subterreanea” (Underground Salsa) showcases all new material which is split into his classic sound of Cuban based son montuno, salsa dura and contemporary songs designed to update his sound and appeal to a wider audience. The good news is that Henry Fiol still is in fine voice and sounds like he was having fun making this recording. The music is expertly played with passion and guts. I liked the son montunos and salsa dura material more than the contemporary material but I did like the song “Dias Mejores Vendran”. Check it out on his web site: www.henryfiol.com. Old salseros don’t die but you do have to make an effort to find them these days!