Paulo FG keeps the Timba light burning!

Posted on Mar 20, 2011

The famed Yoshi’s Jazz club in Oakland was taken over by timba fever this past weekend. The occasion was the presentation of Timba/Cuban salsa idol Paulo FG and his orchestra La Elite. Paulo FG made the Yoshi’s audience wait for 40 minutes until he finally stepped on the stage. However, the wait was worth it. Paulo lived up to his reputation as a consummate showman who led his tight band with an abundance of energy, style and power. Starting with one of his signature songs “De La Havana”, he immediately seduced the crowd with his strong vocals and coordinated dance moves with his stylish co-ed coro section. The dynamic energy from Paulo and his singers was contagious as the audience enthusiastically responded with hands in the air, call and responses and dancing to all of his repertoire. His mighty orchestra responded by slamming down their sophisticated timba and cuban salsa wall of sound. By the time that his set ended past Midnight, the crowd left Yoshi’s sweaty, smiling and satisfied into the night.