Oscar D’Leon – Still A Superman!

Posted on Nov 4, 2011

I had the opportunity to run over to Roccapulco after my radio show on KPFA to catch the living salsa legend, Oscar D’ Leon last Saturday.  D’Leon is one of the premier performers in Latin music….a tireless, consummate showman whose live shows are legendary and whose sets last two to three hours at least.  I arrived at Roccapulco once D’Leon started his set.

At 68, Oscar D’Leon looks good for someone who has survived 4 heart attacks and a few scandals throughout his long career…his voice more powerful than ever and his body strong and robust as he performed his dance moves with the boundless energy of someone half his age.  He is a performer that solidly connects with his audience whether he is singing to an admiring fan, signing autographs, taking notes from fans or on the receiving end of a bra thrown on stage from a smitten female.  D’Leon sang an impressive range of material from his big hits such as “Calculadora” to Mexican rancheras to boleros.  A tune or two bordered on schlock for my taste, but it was his brand of Salsa that consistently had the crowd going with expert backup from his solid orchestra of veterans.

Although he was constantly covered in sweat, D’Leon didn’t let it bother him at all as he gave 150% for his audience.  He hardly took any break as he went from one tune to the next to the delight of fans and dancers alike.  This was the kind of show that reminds you why a legend such as D’Leon is still loved and appreciated today.