Posted on Dec 15, 2011

Hahahaha!  We need to laugh as we near the close of another year.  We have made it.  We survived another long year.

A worldwide financial crisis and a bad economy has cost millions of people jobs, security and in some cases, their homes.  There is a monetary and class divide that has deepened the gulf between the halves and have nots.  The middle class has shrunk over the course of the last three years.

This situation drove people to the streets to voice their anger and frustration with the target being the one percent who have the majority of the money and power.  Activists have been butting heads with police on the streets to call attention to these issues.  It is dawning on all of us that the 99 percent is a wide range of people that are different and diverse.  It’s difficult for people to agree on what to do next.

The landscape of this rapidly changing world has now forced creative people to turn into unlikely entrepreneurs and businessmen in order to survive and thrive.   We need to educate ourselves, read and learn new skills that can keep opening new doors to us while we learn to navigate the political system to our advantage.  We need to vote and advocate for better opportunities and perhaps, a responsive government.  Welcome to the new year.