Posted on Jan 24, 2012

The Grammy Awards was a special celebration that honored a wide spectrum of musical genres.  Due to the Academy’s tragic decision to eliminate more than 35 categories, Latin Jazz will not be given its due.  That means that the musicians that have been keeping this genre of music strong and vibrant will not get the hard sought after recognition that they deserve.  Such artists which range from established giants such as Michel Camilo to young lions as the Curtis Brothers will be given the brush off.  Tragic indeed.  We are in 2012, not 1812.  Society supposably has evolved to be inclusive at this day and age.  Or is the Grammys another microcosm of the flawed nature of the times where racism has been accepted in states like Arizona.  Where fences are being built to keep people out who work jobs that the status quo would never accept for less than acceptable wages.  Now Latin Jazz artists are given a flimsy excuse for their exclusion such as they need to compete with “legitimate” jazz artists to be part of the general Jazz genre.  The Latin Jazz category was hard fought for by masters such as Eddie Palmieri and Bobby Sanabria to bring to light the fact that Jazz has always been influenced by latin rhythms and melodies.  What a shame that the Academy wants to censor and minimize the impact of the music.  The Grammys will not be the barometer of great music that it once was.  Instead it will represent the tunnel vision of a privileged few and celebrate the glory of the million sellers.  The Grammys have taken a big leap backward…..what a shame!