Hitting The Ground Running

Posted on Apr 23, 2012

It’s incredible how time flies by.  I just returned from a family vacation in Cozumel, Mexico a week ago.  Last week, the biggest decisions in my life was which beach we were going to and what are we going to eat.  Vacations are wonderful if you can get away and if you can afford them in the age of Obama, global warming and dark financial realities.  However,  it’s been non-stop since I returned from Cozumel.  I hit the ground running because of my job realities as Music Director at KPFA Radio and as Entertainment Coordinator for this year’s SF Carnaval 2012.  Add to that my DJ/Host gigs at Cafe Cocomo and special events such as the upcoming Windsor Carnaval.  And balancing a home life with a family and I’m smokin’ baby!!!  It’s funny how much you need to push your energy level to accomplish everything that you want in life.  Well I’m ready…let’s the games begin!!