Yomo Toro RIP

Posted on Jul 2, 2012

Got the sad news yesterday that the great Puerto Rican master of the cuatro, Yomo Toro passed away.  A musical genius and a virtuoso of his instrument which sounds like a cross between a mandolin and a guitar, his many contributions embellished the Fania sound of the 70’s.  From his unforgettable performances with the Fania All Stars to his legendary recordings with Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe, Yomo was a unique presence proudly representing his Puerto Rican heritage.  He was one of a kind!  I had the immense luck of working with Yomo when he appeared at San Francisco Carnaval more than 2 decades ago!  He wasn’t on a big ego trip.  On the contrary, he was humble and very gracious.  That man had more swing going on with his small group than most salsa orchestras at the time!  We are lucky that Yomo has left us with a legacy of great music from the Fania days to his solo career.  He has joined the giant jam session in the heavens with all the ancestors who have blessed us with their music.  Ciao maestro!