Tommy Olivencia is lifting me up.

Posted on Sep 21, 2012

I’m listening to the salsariffic sounds of Tommy Olivencia on my headphones.  Furious conga solo dancing in my head through my trusty Sony phones.  Horn section converging within into the jumpin’ descarga.  A timbales solo racing in front of a swinging big band.  It’s being a rough day…things not together..misunderstandings…heated words…tense..momentary setbacks but setbacks nonetheless.  Tommy was celebrating his 40th Anniversary with PR all stars: Paquito Guzman, Sammy Gonzalez, Hector Tricoche, former Bay Area resident Melvin Martinez, Lalo Rodriguez and Gilberto Santa Rosa. Taking me to the dance floor in my studio..big band salsa mania a la puerto rico…they don’t fool around with the salsa in p.r..  Afincado!!!  Bad day going away…Tommy reminds me of la salsa de verdad!  We got to remind everyone that this music still exists.  Chillin’ now.