Venezuela’s Bailatino-Explosive music 4 your collection

Posted on Nov 26, 2012

Bailatino, one of the finest of Venezuela’s contemporary Salsa orchestras have put out their latest recording “Aniversario”.   Their horn sound is defined by their two trombone and flute attack.  Veteran percussionist Jose “Cheo” Navarro leads this fine band through a swinging repertoire of Salsa, Descarga, Cha Cha and Latin Jazz.  Edgar “Dolor” Quijada (what a great nickname for a vocalist) leads Bailatino’s charged vocal trio throughout the entire cd.  Venezuela has some of the finest musicians playing in the Salsa and Latin Jazz genres.  Bailatino keeps raising the bar in terms of bringing interesting and challenging arrangements to compliment their ferocious swing.  This is evident in “Aniversario” when you listen to a tune such as “Donde Estara Margot” (the single from the cd) or “La Vampira”.   Do not overlook this cd among the many fine new Salsa recordings that this season has to offer.  This is worth seeking out.