Clefs and Notes – Tito Puente’s 90th Birthday

Posted on Apr 21, 2013

Yesterday would have been Tito Puente’s 90th birthday!  So I played a short but sweet tribute to El Rey Del Timbal on my radio program “Con Sabor” last night.  Playing just one set of TP is a challenge because of the volumes of material that this late prolific master produced during his lifetime.  So I played a special set of (in order) “Tito On Timbales”, “Barbarabatiri”, “Cuando Te Vea”, “Happy Cha Cha Cha”, “Nina Y Senora”, “Picadillo Jam” (with Eddie Palmieri!) and ended with “Celia Y Tito” featuring Celia Cruz.  I probably would have done the whole set differently in another program.  But that was the beauty of Tito’s music.  The range, scope and depth of the recorded music that he came out with was astonishing.  You also have to mention the powerful live performances that I will remember and cherish.