tidbits late June 2013

Posted on Jun 26, 2013

memories of spring and the beginning of Summer 2013:  Don Perignon and his great trio of singers including Rico Walker, Gonzalez and Josue Rosado performing a smoking set in semi darkness due to a blackout at El Vacilon, Treasure Island…Peruvian Cuban Timba sensations Barbaro Fines and Mayimbe packed Cafe Cocomo to the rafters.   The band with it’s frontline reminiscent of Charanga Habanera wowed the timberos at the club….Carnaval SF was rescued at the last minute by a Mission District community coalition led by Roberto Hernandez that pulled off the 2 day festival and parade with a volunteer staff and bands that played for free.  SFCAT, the non-profit producing entity that ran the event for the past 3 years (and that hired me as Carnaval’s entertainment consultant from 2011 to 2012) went kaput this year and punted to Hernandez and the Mission coalition…..The indestructible salsa great Oscar D’Leon was joined by two violins and a full band mesmerizing the crowd at Cocomo.  Tragic news about D’Leon just weeks later.   He lost his eyesight after he was struck in the eye by a chest in a domestic accident.  Wishing Oscar a speedy recovery!  He is truly one of the great Salsa singer and performers of all time.