Frankie Negron-Pop Salsero aiming to reenter the Charts

Posted on Aug 24, 2015

The San Francisco Bay Area/Northern California has been visited by Salsa acts that have targeted the younger demographics in the last few weeks: Frankie Negron who headlined the Festival De La Isla in Vacaville this past weekend as well as the Venezuelan duo Severano and Florentino who visited S.F.’s  Roccapulco.  Negron, who hasn’t put out new music in four years, is coming out with two new singles this year hoping to land back in the charts.

He stated during our radio interview that he is concentrating on the songs rather than an entire new album because he believes that the music business has changed due to streaming and downloading music. He said that the emphasis is now on individual songs and believes that is the path to new success.  Negron has been touring and has been focusing on live shows which has been impressing crowds with his high-energy performances.  Negron who has mixed elements of pop, funk, rn’b and reggaeton in his Salsa for most of his career is also hoping that his live performances will open up the door for further success.

Negron who is no newcomer on the scene has had his share of hits since starting his career in 1997.  He is reinventing himself as are other artists that emerged in the 1990’s and who are trying to make a comeback on the charts.  Whether Negron is successful or not will depend on the popularity of the songs.   Judging by the positive reaction to his performance at Festival De La Isla this past weekend and a booking at the prestigious New York Salsa Congress set for early September, Negron is on his way.