Los Van Van-Davies SF

Posted on Aug 24, 2015

There was a lot of anticipation regarding the return of Los Van Van to San Francisco.  Their current tour is a tribute to the late Juan Formell who led the band for most of their 40 year existence.  His son, Samuel Formell has come to his own as a great drummer, percussionist and leader.  The latest version of Los Van Van came to the most unlikely place to showcase one of the finest Cuban dance bands in the world: Davies Symphony Hall, home of the S.F. Symphony.  Their show was a stunning triumph despite the acoustic limitations of the hall which caused erratic sound in some areas and lack of designated areas for dancing.

Los Van Van proved why they are one of the great bands of the world: an incredible repertoire that included decades of signature songs along with new material, a tight ensemble, a front line of charismatic vocalists and great instrumental virtuosos at the top of their game.

The dancing crowd took over the front of the stage, the aisles, stood up and shook in front of their seats….they were not to be denied!  SF Jazz and the venue were intelligent in allowing the crowd to dance throughout the entire performance.  After a 2 hour performance that would satisfy the most staunch Van Van fan, the band came back for an encore with an exuberant version of “Te Pone La Cabeza Mala” which left the crowd smiling on their way out to the exit doors.