Latino Film Festival-Alma Y Mas

Posted on Sep 29, 2016

I made it to the opening night of the Cine + Mas 8th SF Latino Film Festival to see the Chilean comedy “Alma”. It had a light, airy touch considering that it’s about a serious subject: a heroine that’s a manic depressive with bi-polar disorder. Under less capable hands, this film could have been a depressing fiasco. However, it was a hilarious farce built around the 20 year marriage between Alma and her husband, Fernando. When Fernando lets his frustrations with her behavior come out at the worst possible time and declares that he is ashamed of her illness, he gets kicked out of the house and Alma meets Gaspar a new, younger suitor. It is Fernando’s quest to get her back that is the cornerstone of this engaging comedy.

Other significant films that were featured during the festival included the powerful prison drama “Perros” which stars comedian John Leguziamo in a serious dramatic role, the Cuban family saga “Cafe Amargo” and the intriguing Mexican drama “Amir” about an aspiring musician who has to resolve conflicts on his way to adulthood. This is the eight annual Latino Film Festival which have shown films in venues as diverse as the Alamo Draftshouse, the Roxie Theater, The DeYoung Museum and the Mission Cultural Center.