Enrique Romero “El Molestoso” RIP

Posted on Nov 17, 2016

My esteemed colleague and friend, Enrique Romero died last week at the age of 58 of Cancer. Enrique was a great catalyst in the European Salsa scene. He was established as an important journalist, record producer, radio producer, host, publicist, dj’, graphic artist and event producer. He was known as “El Molestoso” (named after the Eddie Palmieri tune) for his notoriously wicked sense of humor and critical opinions that left no holds barred. He would give you the brutal truth which endeared him to some and offended others but that was part of his unique personality. His brilliant but short lived 90’s magazine “El Manicero” was beautifully done with great graphics, insightful interviews with Cachao and Eddie Palmieri among others and was considered essential reading for Salsa aficionados. He produced a series of compilations for Musica Del Sol which celebrated the work of great artists such as Joe Cuba, Benny More and brought attention to unsung heroes such as Rene Grand. He was a PR wunderkind for such media outlets as the progressive Radio Gladys Palmera in Spain and the Antilla News for many years.

He also worked as an artistic advisor and featured dj with Tempo Latino, the largest outdoor music festival in Europe devoted to Salsa, Musica Cubana and Latin alternative music. Enrique was also host of his radio program “Picadillo” which featured his eclectic taste from Salsa to the new fusions in Latin music. His DJ sessions at Tempo Latino and a whole host of venues in Barcelona were instrumental in keeping Salsa and related music alive in Europe. I last saw him this past August. He was recovering from surgery. My wife Isidra and I spent the afternoon with him. We had some great laughs over lunch. I said what would be my last goodbye to him. The European music and literary community are in morning and so am I. He will sorely be missed. Enrique has gone to join the big descarga in the next dimension. Adios, dear friend!