SF Bay Represents with New Recorded Music!

Posted on Nov 6, 2017

We are so lucky in the San Francisco Bay Area that so many talented musicians make this area their home.  As a result, we are enjoying a welcome surge of new recorded music from these fine talents.  One of the hot, new bands that have emerged in this area is Grammy award winning vocalist/percussionist Braulio Barrera and Somos El Son.  Their new recording “Somos El Son” is a delicious sampling of their explosive brand of Salsa and more.  Barrera, a member of Pacific Mambo Orchestra, is a fine vocalist and exceptional percussionist who leads a top notch band of Bay Area based heavies who packed a tremendous swing.


The veteran group of bad boys Orquesta Borinquen have returned with their new recording Pa Que Tu Lo Sepas”, their follow up to their 2007 cd “El Trombonista”.  Their new recording is full of great arrangements, a collaboration with special guest Willie Torres of Spanish Harlem Orchestra fame and slammin’ tunes.  The band now led by trumpeter Bill Ortega Jr. and featuring vocalist Carlos Xavier shines on this recording.  A strong effort from this fine band.


Percussionist Silvestre Martinez has put out a fine Latin Jazz recording “Vengo De La Costa”.  Martinez whose credits include performing with Louie Romero’s Mazacote and the renowned Charanga orchestra La Moderna Tradition has a distinctive Mexican flavor interwoven into his Latin Jazz fabric.  Check out the tracks “Wildcat” and the title track to appreciate his unique approach.