Emceeing: The Thrill Of It All

Posted on Jan 5, 2018

I have been asked to MC for tonight’s show featuring Grammy Award Winners Pacific Mambo Orchestra featuring renowned sonero Herman Olivera at Yoshi’s in Oakland.  It’s always an honor to emcee a prestigious show featuring musicians that you admire, support and actually play their music.  Emceeing is an acquired skill honed by years of experience, stage time and learning from watching the best doing their thing.

Speaking for myself, it’s not just knowing what to say about the artists that you are presenting but having the knowledge of their music, history and accomplishments.  It’s also the art of presentation, knowing what to wear for the occasion and preparing your introduction.  Hopefully you’ll do it with class and a taste of show biz.  The years of experience will help you develop your own style.

When you’re backstage, you’ll also have to deal with your thoughts, last minute script changes and nerves (we all get them) at the moments before you’re on stage.  That all disappears once you are focused and when you get on stage.  You take the microphone in your hand, gaze out into the bright lights and start..”Ladies and Gentlemen, Damas y Caballeros….